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Story:Verse Mission

Amplifying diverse storytelling rooted in authenticity and collectivity through the lens and pens of Black, Brown & Indigenous voices. 

Our Story

Stories Told By & About Us

Born out of a passion for amplifying diverse voices through storytelling, Story:Verse is a multimedia creative studio and production company devoted to developing and producing underrepresented stories on screen, on stage, and on the page.


Through the lens and pens of Black, Brown, and Indigenous storytellers, we create and curate impactful television, film, literature, activations, exhibitions and beyond.


With an extensive line up of over 20+ projects in development, Story:Verse is committed to transformative storytelling highlighting identity, society, neurodiversity, mental health, the arts and beyond.

All Hands In

Our Approach

Fostering Community & Creativity

To further our mission, Story:Verse cultivates creativity and fosters connectivity through the Story:Verse Collective, a creator incubator and talent pipeline designed to nurture and empower emerging creatives of color by providing them with the guidance, resources and tools needed to develop, produce, and direct their own stories.

Set to debut in 2025, Story:Verse will introduce innovative creative co-working spaces and collaboration hubs, complete with cutting-edge studios dedicated to film, music, art and performance.

Our Vision

Disrupting & Democratizing Hollywood

At Story:Verse, our vision is to revolutionize Hollywood by pioneering a new era of purpose-driven storytelling. We are passionately dedicated to breaking down barriers and establishing equitable spaces where the voices of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities not only find a platform but are championed.


Through the cultivation of a vibrant community, we are paving the way for a future where our perspectives, voices, and stories are not only heard but celebrated. We believe in the power of collective creation, where diverse narratives converge to inspire change, foster understanding, and shape a world where our stories matter.


Our Values


We empower storytellers by providing guidance, resources, and accessible spaces, enabling them to confidently share their perspectives and make a meaningful impact on the world.


We take pride in celebrating the uniqueness of each voice and story, embracing differences and finding strength in the collective tapestry of narratives.


We are committed to making our industry more just and equitable for everyone. Shared success requires undoing unjust systems that prevent equal access to opportunities.


We foster an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and included, promoting a sense of belonging within our creative community.


We build around shared goals and define success collectively. We foster belonging and a shared sense of purpose, using the best of what each of us has to offer in service of a vision.


We embrace innovative approaches to storytelling, encouraging creativity and pushing the boundaries of traditional narratives to ignite change and challenge the status quo.

Get Involved

Elevate The Future Of 
A BIPOC Storyteller.

Meet the Team

Mary Jorie King_Headshot__ (1) (2).JPG

Mary Jorie King

Founder & CEO, Story:Verse

President, Story:Verse Collective

Head of Development & Production, Story:Verse Studios

As a Haitian-American Indian TV/Film executive, creative powerhouse and founder of Story:Verse, Mary Jorie King's mission is clear: to revolutionize Hollywood, establishing equitable spaces for purpose-driven stories and championing the voices of Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.


With over 15 years of experience collaborating with industry giants like Sony, Disney, The CW, and Vice TV, her portfolio showcases groundbreaking projects such as Lambda Literary’s Writers Retreat finalist COULD BE, featuring Jessica Darrow (Disney’s ENCANTO), Usher's 'MY WAY' Documentary marking 25 years, and the forthcoming comedy-drama television series MOODY.


Her passion for music and theater inspired her to produce short-form content highlighting Broadway gems such as HAMILTON, LES MISÉRABLES, and Disney’s THE LION KING in addition to working with top-tier artists including Patti LaBelle, Lana Del Rey and JoJo.

Daphne Gabriel

Co-Founder, Story:Verse

Vice President, Story:Verse Collective

Development Director, Story:Verse Studios

Daphne Gabriel's journey in the film industry began as a stand-in on the set of DR. DOOLITTLE, igniting her passion for filmmaking. Now, she stands as an accomplished Haitian-American filmmaker, crafting her own original narratives. Her notable works include producing, writing, and directing PHOTO BOOTH MONOLOGUES and COSMOS, a Haitian magical realism drama and Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards selection.


In 2023, she was honored as a mentee in the prestigious Black Boy Writes/Black Girl Writes Initiative, led by industry luminaries Mike Gauyo of Black Boy Media (Insecure, Ginny & Georgia and Send Help) and Stone Flip Foundation's Ashley Aronson.


Beaming with talent, Daphne earned the Vanguard Award for Best Supporting Actress at the Scotland International Festival of Cinema for her role in "The Uncanny."  With a foundation rooted in education, she earned a B.A. from Cal State LA and M.A. from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the UK, and is driven to create impactful stories that leave a lasting imprint on the world.

Christopher Kimbrough

Co-Founder, Story:Verse

Treasurer, Story:Verse Collective

Chief Creative Officer, Story:Verse Studios

Christopher is an award-winning music producer, composer, songwriter, and creative executive. Over the past decade, he has created five solo projects, collaborated on TV/Film projects, and worked with artists on over 1500 tracks.

Most of his work was accomplished during his time in the Air Force, a demanding 13-year commitment. As an Academy of Art University Emerging Artist Scholar, he aims to bring listeners and artists together into positive environments, endowed by growth and camaraderie.

Influenced by the likes of Frederic Chopin, Jimi Hendrix, MF Doom, and Hildur Guðnadóttir — he is passionate about producing work that dives into deeper thought and addresses everything from societal pressures and mental health to living with anxiety and beyond.

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