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Curating, creating, and spearheading impactful activations, exhibitions, and community initiatives—showcasing the creativity and perspectives of BIPOC storytellers and artists.

In Her Light: Illuminating Black Maternal Health

This immersive exhibition sheds light on the injustices faced by Black mothers, uncovering stories of medical negligence and resilience. 


In Her Light isn't just an activation; it's a call to action, a catalyst for change. It's about sparking conversations that challenge the status quo and inspiring tangible transformations in our society.

Sheer Black Top


SPEC:TRUM is a love letter to Black and Brown neurodivergent folx. By showcasing our superpowers alongside the challenges we face, SPEC:TRUM seeks to dismantle stereotypes and misconceptions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the many faces and the myriad voices of our community—celebrating the beauty of our collective existence. 

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