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Developing, producing, and directing a slate of diverse stories on screen, on stage, and on the page. 


Drama | TV | Film

Set in the early ‘80s, a grieving Black mid-western housewife deserts her young family in the middle of the night, heading to Los Angeles to make her first feature film.


Coming-of-Age Drama | Film

Leola, a 12-year-old Nigerian-Italian girl, secretly witnesses a white Italian boy she grew up with commit a hate crime on the streets of Rome — and wrestles with whether to speak up when the boy shows up at her home the next day. 

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Dark Comedy  | TV  | Novel

In the electric whirlwind of Chicago’s music scene, young prodigy Zion catapults into the realm of legends when he’s initiated into the Chosen, a secretive circle of industry titans.


But this elite group isn’t just about talent; it’s a cutthroat battle for survival and creativity, where Zion must outshine his peers in a mind-bending gauntlet blending ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Atlanta,’ and ‘The Hunger Games.’


Drama, Magical Realism | Short Film

Amidst the backdrop of 1980 Port Salut, Haiti, a deeply religious yet conflicted filmmaker spends his final night in Haiti with his two best friends. As he prepares to reunite with his wife in America, the shadow of violent political forces loom large, threatening to shatter their long-awaited reunion. 

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Comedy-Drama | TV  | Play

In this darkly hilarious odyssey, Moody, a self-proclaimed pseudo playwright, careens into chaos when her past trauma hits her head-on.


Navigating through a whirlwind of alternate universes and labyrinth daydreams, Moody spins her own reality with the stories she weaves—perpetually blurring the line between fact and fantasy.


Welcome to Moody's world, where reality is just a suggestion, and sanity? Well, that's a matter of interpretation.  


Drama | Short Film

As Flora approaches her 29th birthday, she reflects on the 29 places she's lived, from foster homes and station wagons to shelters and spare bedrooms.


Desperately seeking a sense of belonging, her journey takes an unexpected turn when a chance reunion with her estranged mother reveals that 'home' has resided within her all along.

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Drama | Play | Musical

In the throes of a profound existential crisis, David's relentless quest for the meaning of life propels him into a 72-hour whirlwind of psychosis, where he experiences the full spectrum of human emotion in its rawest form.


Amidst bouts of hysterical laughter, heart-wrenching tears, and primal screams, David channels the spirit of King David, dancing with uninhibited joy that liberates him from all inhibitions.


Comedy-Drama | TV

Meet Asa, a chronic illness warrior who spends more time in waiting rooms than in her own living room.


Sick of being told “it’s all in her head,” she swaps her patient's gown for a doctor's coat—because if no one will save her, she’s going to save herself. 

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