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Story:Verse Collective

Paving the path for a new era of storytelling—creating an accessible platform where diverse voices converge, collaborate, and shape narratives together.


Cultivating Community & Collaboration

Constellations is a transformative program crafted to address a core obstacle faced by creators: finding the right collaborators and access to essential resources.


With a dedicated focus on fostering meaningful connections, this incubator empowers cohorts with guidance, tools, and support to bring their visions to life. By breaking down barriers, we are paving the way for truly impactful storytelling.

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Nurturing New Voices

We understand that BIPOC creatives experience unique challenges, including a significant pay gap and limited opportunities to expand into the entertainment industry.


That's why we're committed to tackling these issues head-on and providing a space where Black, Brown & Indigenous creatives can take center stage and tell their stories authentically. 

Cos:mos Pipeline

Shaping the Future of Storytelling

Upon completing Story:Verse accelerator initiatives, creatives become part of the Cos:mos Talent Pipeline, opening doors for them to collaborate on Story:Verse Studios productions and our partner production companies.


Writers, directors, cinematographers, multi-disciplinary artists, and musicians are also encouraged to apply to the Cos:mos Talent Pipeline on a rolling basis.

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Programs Launching 2025

Cos:mos Labs

Week-long storytelling labs designed to elevate creative projects and propel careers forward. Cos:mos Labs gives writers, directors, producers, musicians, and artists access to workshops, training, deep-dive discussions, and guidance from industry leaders with the goal of amplifying stories and skills.

Storyteller In Residence

Twelve-month program providing a nurturing home for an exceptional storyteller while bringing greater visibility to BIPOC stories. During their residency, our SIR is offered customized support — mentorship, development of WIPs, and a display of their work(s) at our annual Story:Verse Showcase. 

Story:Verse Showcase

As part of our mission to showcase stories by and about us, Story:Verse Showcase is an annual event dedicated to displaying the works of the Story:Verse Collective. Showcases feature film screenings, art curation, pitch competitions, panels, and a concert from our talented musicians.  

Support Our Work

StoryVerse Programs are powered by ambassadors, donors, and sponsors like you. 

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