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StoryVerse Talent Pipeline

Connecting emerging BIPOC storytellers to studios, executives, production companies, recruiters, agencies and beyond. 


Fostering Community & Inclusion

StoryVerse provides mentorship, project consultation, and professional development services to diverse storytellers, with a particular emphasis on identifying and supporting those whose voices and stories are underrepresented in the industry.

We further our mission with collaborative, community-driven programs and initiatives designed to produce more economic and creative opportunities for all BIPOC storytellers.

Colorful Friends
All Hands In

Our Vision

Stories Told By & About Us

We envision a space where BIPOC storytellers from all backgrounds have access to the guidance, resources, and tools they need to create exceptional work and build meaningful careers by way of telling their stories and amplifying their voices.

Our Values


We build relationships grounded in patience, kindness, and respect. We ask questions and listen, express vulnerability and gratitude, and encourage others to do the same.


We are committed to making our industry more just and equitable for everyone. Shared success requires undoing unjust systems that prevent equal access to opportunities.


We build around shared goals and define success collectively. We foster belonging and a shared sense of purpose, using the best of what each of us has to offer in service of a vision that serves everyone.

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Elevate The Future Of 
A BIPOC Storyteller.

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