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NextWave Artist Accelerator

Shaping the future of music through the development of emerging artists,
songwriters, and music producers.

In The Studio

Nurturing New Voices

We're excited to introduce you to the Artist Accelerator, a 6-month mentorship initiative for emerging songwriters, recording artists, and music producers! Our goal is to empower the next generation of talent to unlock their full creative potential and build successful careers in the music industry.

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Empowering Artists

Music has a profound impact on the way we experience the world around us. That's why we believe in supporting emerging Black and Brown talent in the music industry and creating a more diverse and inclusive landscape for all.


Together, we can change the narrative and shift the paradigm by equipping the next generation of artists with the tools they need to create music that truly moves the world.

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Making An Impact

The NextWave Artist Accelerator offers personalized mentorship from established industry professionals who are passionate about helping emerging artists achieve their goals. In addition to one-on-one mentorship, our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from songwriting and music production to marketing and beyond. 


And that's not all - our program culminates in a killer showcase, giving participants the opportunity to perform for music executives and build valuable industry connections. Ultimately, our goal is to help each artist achieve their unique vision and make a meaningful impact on the world through their art.

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Shaping the Future

We're looking for partners who are passionate about supporting the next wave of BIPOC talent and who want to be a part of something truly special.


Together, we can help shape the future of music and make a difference in the lives of aspiring artists. If you're interested in partnering with us, we'd love to hear from you! Let's work together to create a brighter future for music.

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